Cognitive Science in Moscow: New Research

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Important dates:
  • April 18
    Paper submission opens
  • April 25
    Paper submission deadline
  • May 11
    Reviews and decisions are sent out
  • May 20
    May 25
    Registration opens
  • May 31
    Early bird registration closes
  • June 18
    Last day to register
  • June 21–22
    The Conference

The Seventh Conference will be held on June 21–22 2023

The First Call fo Papers

The Russian Journal of Cognitive Science with support of the Department of Life Sciences of the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, and the Scientific Research Institute of Neuropsychology of Speech and Writing is pleased to announce the first call for papers for the 7th “Cognitive Science in Moscow: New Research” conference to be held on 21–22 June 2023. The event continues the series of conferences held biannually since 2011. Information on the previous conferences and online open access versions of conference proceedings can be found on the conference website

The main aim of the conference is to provide a forum for scientists working in the field of cognition to communicate their recent findings and discuss them with colleagues. The Conference topics include empirical (experimental) studies of cognition and its neurobiological and sociocultural bases, conducted in any discipline and approach, as well as studies in cognitive modeling and artificial intelligence.

The Conference also aims to promote poster presentations. Compared to oral presentations, poster presentations allow for more comfortable and less formal discussion of presented results. Because the Conference organizers hope to demonstrate the advantages of posters, the event will once again host only poster presentations; there will be no oral presentation sessions.

All conference abstracts will be posted in an e-programme on the conference website. A conference proceedings book including the full conference papers will be published shortly before the beginning of the event. After the conference, the book will also be published online in open access and indexed by the Russian Science Citation Index.

Publication of a conference paper without presentation is not possible.

The authors of the best poster presentations will be invited to submit their research as a brief report in English to a special issue of the Russian Journal of Cognitive Science (

Twelve years ago, the Conference was launched among the Moscow community of cognitive researchers, which is reflected in its title today. Each year, there has been a growing number of participants from different cities (Saint Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saratov, Kaluga, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, etc.), and, before pandemic, also from different countries. We highly encourage our colleagues from cities beyond Moscow to participate in the Conference; however, the organizing committee has no resources to cover participants’ travel and accommodation fees.

The official languages of the Conference are Russian and English.

Submissions of conference papers will take place from 18 until 25 April 2023 via the conference website (

Types of submissions

Conference papers may be submitted for publication in the conference proceedings book under on of the following two sections:

“Results”: Empirical (experimental) studies of cognition and its neurobiological and sociocultural bases, conducted in any discipline and with any approach, as well as studies in cognitive modeling and artificial intelligence. Participants are required to submit reports of studies where some results have been already obtained. Submissions of study proposals only will not be accepted.

“Methods”: Innovative projects on methodological issues including experimental paradigms, data analysis, corpora, standardized stimulus databases, atlases, programming, etc. According to our previous experience, such applications are of the utmost interest to all conference participants.

Submissions should contain the following information:

  • Title
  • Author’s and co-authors’ first and last names
  • Corresponding author’s contact details: email address and phone number
  • From 5 to 8 keywords
  • Section: Results or Methods
  • An abstract (100–200 words) and a full-text file with the brief article in English or Russian in one of the following formats: *.doc/*.docx, *.odt, *.rtf, *.pdf (see guidelines below)
  • Optional comments on materials publication. If for some reason you would like to present at the conference without publication in the proceedings (for example, the proposed materials have already been partially published or you are presenting them in parallel at several conferences), we also ask that you describe these additional circumstances.
Guidelines for submissions

The authors can download and use a template for formatting their conference papers or abstracts in *.docx and *.odt via Detailed formatting guidelines are provided on the same page.

Page 1:

  • Title
  • Author information (last names, initials, affiliations, city and email of the corresponding author)
  • Abstract (100–200 words)
  • From 5 to 8 keywords

Page 2:

  • The translation of page 1 into the second language (English, if the main text of the paper is in Russian, and Russian, if the main text is in English).

Page 3 and beyond:

Brief article in Russian or English, which must contain information on the research background, objectives, method, results, brief discussion and conclusions, all sufficient for a peer-review.

  • The paper text should be from 2 to 3 pages long, A4 format, including tables, figures and references. The first two pages of the file are not included in the limit.
  • All figures must be in black and white (or allow for conversion into black and white without loss of clarity).
  • Formatting requirements are as follows. Margins: 2 cm on left, right, top and bottom. Font: Times New Roman, 12 point font size. Spacing: single-spaced.
  • A reference list is mandatory and should include at least three items. Each reference cited in the text must appear in the reference list, and each entry in the reference list must be cited in the text. A reference list should be prepared in line with GOST format. Examples of reference lists are available on the Conference website. Additional guidance on GOST citation style can be found at the website of the Russian Journal of Cognitive Science.
Submission deadlines

Applications sent after midnight on 25 April 2023 will not be accepted.

Upon receiving your application, the conference committee will conduct a manual checking, after which we will send a confirmation letter via email to the corresponding author. If you have sent the application and have not received any confirmation email for 2 days, please contact us.

The program committee decisions as well as reviews will be sent to applicants no later than 11 May 2023. Authors of the selected submissions will have seven days to revise their materials, and after that there will be another short round of the review. During that period, we will also announce more detailed instructions for poster presentations.

Review process

We expect to include approximately 100 presentations in our program schedule. Works being published or presented at other conferences may be submitted, and papers may be published on the condition that the paper text does not coincide with the already published text more than 50%.

Application selection will be conducted after a peer review. Each application which meets the formal requirements will be reviewed by two members of the program committee. Note that applications for each of the two sections will be assessed based on different criteria. We reserve the right to demand that authors revise their papers in accordance with the peer-review comments as a mandatory condition to participate in the conference. In the case of refusal, the program committee may reject the submission. Before the publication of the conference proceedings book, a scientific editor will work with the paper text.


Any applicant may submit up to two presentations as a first (presenting) author. If several applications with a description of similar studies by the same laboratory but with different first authors are submitted, in the case of high-level competition the program committee reserves the right to select only one of the studies to be presented, even if all of them receive good reviews.

Program committee members:

T.V. Akhutina, D.Sc. in psychology
S.A. Burlak, D.Sc. in linguistics
O.V. Dragoy, D.Sc. in linguistics
M.V. Falikman, D.Sc. in psychology
V.A. Gershkovich, Ph.D. in psychology
A.A. Kibrik, D.Sc. in linguistics
O.A. Korolkova, Ph.D. in psychology
S.Yu. Korovkin, Ph.D. in psychology
O.P. Kuznetsov, D.Sc. in technical sciences
A.V. Kurganskiy, D.Sc. in biology
A.A. Lopukhina, Ph.D. in linguistics
D.V. Lyusin, Ph.D. in educational sciences
S.A. Malyutina, Ph.D. in communication sciences and disorders
R.I. Machinskaya, D.Sc. in biology
N.V. Moroshkina, Ph.D. in psychology
Ya.R. Panikratova, Ph.D. in psychology
E.V. Pechenkova, Ph.D. in psychology
O.S. Perepelkina, Ph.D. in psychology
T.E. Petrova, Ph.D. in psychology
V.K. Prokopenya, Ph.D. in linguistics
E.I. Riekhakainen, Ph.D. in linguistics
O.E. Svarnik, Ph.D. in psychology
V.F. Spiridonov, D.Sc. in psychology
A.Yu. Shvarts, Ph.D. in psychology
S.L. Shishkin, Ph.D. in biology
N.A. Varako, Ph.D. in psychology
R.M. Vlasova, Ph.D. in psychology

Organizing committee members:

E.V. Pechenkova
A.B. Abramenko
M.A. Fomina
A.Ya. Koyfman
Ya.R. Panikratova
O.E. Svarnik
I.Yu. Shpurov
A.D. Smirnova
V.S. Vasilenko
I.Yu. Vladimirov

More details about registration and conference fees will be covered in the second call. Student discounts will be available thanks to support from a sponsor company, Infomed – a Russian provider of neurophysiological equipment from international vendors.

For further information see our contacts:

We look forward for your applications!

Conference organizers